In the course of our lives teeth could be lost by decay, gum recession or accident. Front teeth are replaced mostly due to aesthetics, while molar teeth are replaced to restore the chewing function. With the “traditional” method, these gaps are filled with bridges, where the adjoining healthy teeth have to be prepared also. In today’s modern dentistry the most successful substitutes of missing teeth are dental implants. This can be imagined as an “artificial root” that is inserted into the bone. Dental implants can be a base of a crown, bridge or denture. The “artificial roots” can be placed in the upper and lower jaw as well. Ossification of the upper jaw is approx. 4 months, while the lower jaw approx. 2-3 months, but this period depends mostly on the patient’s bone quality.

Implants fit like Your original teeth

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Dental implants are artificial dental roots that are placed into the bone. Dental implants are made of pure, unalloyed titanium, a kind of metal completely accepted by human body.

A small titanium screw is inserted into the jaw bone. It heals together with the bone tissue to form a new and stable tooth root.


An implant is the ideal solution to replacing one or more missing teeth. Implant supported dentures look the same and give you the same feeling as your natural teeth. At our Dentistry, we can help you get that beautiful smile back again. These implants offer a permanent and aesthetic tooth replacement which will make you feel like you have your own tooth back again. Advanced surgical techniques are used with the highest quality materials and select the most appropriate and suitable implant system for your particular case to get the best compatibility, and highest success rates. Implant supported dentures look the same and feel the same as your natural teeth.

Each small titanium implant is an artificial high-tech tooth root, which becomes fully integrated into the jawbone. Dental implants make it possible to fabricate a bridge, a fixed partial denture, directly in the place of the intended tooth without having to trim the natural teeth around it.


This is the simplest and most common type of dental implant, with the restoration made to look like a natural tooth. It will function the same as your natural teeth, and your care for it will also be the same. The one noticeable difference is that it will not be sensitive to pressure, cold and hot.


When multiple teeth are missing in the same area, there are a few dental implant alternatives. One is to replace each tooth with a single implant. The other alternative is to use several implants as anchors, to which a bridge is attached. The restoration has the advantage of having a solid anchor to the jaw and the restoration is “fixed” which means that it is not removable like a partial denture.


Dental implants can similarly be used in this situation as multiple-tooth replacement. Multiple single-tooth implants can be used for the result closest to having your own natural teeth again. Other options are to place several implants at strategic points based on natural pressures points in the mouth.

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