Dental Surgery

Root tip resection

Root tip resection or root tip amputation means the the surgical removal of the inflamed apex or apical portion of a root. Dental caries can spread over from the hard dental tissue (enamel, dentine) to the pulp. This is curable by root canal therapy, however if the process is in an advanced stage, a cyst can appear on the root tip. This can be remedied only by surgery after the root canal treatment.

In some cases, the infection is caused by the poorly performed root canal treatment and the root filling has to be replaced. When this is not feasible (i.e. the infection persists or it is a post crown) or the infected area is not healing after the root filling replacement, we are also performing resection.

Wisdom tooth removal

Wisdom teeth usually appear around the age of 18. Prior to this, the wisdom teeth are covered with bone. Removal of wisdom teeth can be justified in different cases.

1. Prior to eruption:
A cyst can formatted on the bone.
Already at this stage the tooth can cause orthodontic problems.

2. During eruption (most common case):
Pocket may form between the teeth and gums.
Can also press the neighboring tooth which can only be recovered with orthodontic appliance.

3. After eruption:
Because of its location cleaning of the wisdom teeth is more difficult, so decay can appear on it.